Promotional Confectionery

Select from the options below to create your own promotional confectionery packs.  All packs come with mandatory ingredient and nutrition label.

Discounts apply as follows:  200 units = 3% off, 300 = 5% off, 500 = $7% off, 750 = 10% off, 1000 = 12% off, 1000 = 12% off, 2000 = 15% off.


Promotional products are a great way to connect with customers.  Confectionery is a cost effective option because lollies can help create a positive and emotional connection. Small lolly packs are available at a very low price point.  And with the low cost, promotional lollies can be given with regular interactions.

Widely used in NZ, promotional products can increase loyalty and raise customer satisfaction. As a result of this, there is an expectation that good businesses will provide complimentary gifts to customers.

Regularity is the key.  Every interaction is a chance to improve the relationship with a customer. Low cost promotional products that have the most impact are a no-brainer.  Therefore, promotional confectionery is very efficient and is perhaps one of the most effective gifts.

Learn more about why Giving Promotional Confectionery Works So Well.

Choose your Promotional Products

The huge range makes it easy to find something special.  Choose from unbranded, black and white printed or full colour labels.  Black and white can be very effective with colourful promotional lollies.  Contact for questions or support.

Promotional Jelly Beans – Custom Colours

Choose any colour, or mix two colours, from Black or White, Blue, Green, Orange and Pink. And, Purple, Red, and Yellow.

Promotional Products - Jelly Beans

Promotional Products – Standard Range

Huge range of promotional confectionery options, therefore making it easy to find something unique to your business.

Standard range promotional confectionery


Looking for complimentary lollies and mints for your counter top?  View the full range of Wrapped Lollies and Mints.

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